Retail Manager Solutions

Point-of-Sale Retail Manager Software

  File:     size: 1.7 MB

Price: ~2500.00 USD
Point-of-Sale Retail Manager Software

Full Point-of-Sale Retail Management software suite.
  • Install on any device for direct sales
  • Install to website to take payments online
  • Employee Portal: Cash register-esque portal for employees/salesperson
  • Customer Portal: User interface for online purchases
Accept traditional payments as well as cryptocurrency In addition to point-of-sale features, you can manually or automatically manage and diversify your portfolio by converting fiat payments into cryptocurrency using exchange APIs. This can be done at the time of payment, or on a monthly/weekly/daily basis. Purchase includes 6 months free software support. Additional support can be purchased any time


Customers utilizing the Retail Manager system can continue to extend support periods throughout website construction.

Retail Manager Extended Support (6 months)

Extended support period for Retail Manager

Retail Manager Extended Support (1 year)

Extended support period for Retail Manager