Hey, Hello World..., My name is, My friends call me, but you can call me, Yes, I'm that Jon Bray

Welcome, take your shoes off and stay a while…

…Maybe keep them on, I am under construction.

I am an artist, entrepreneur, software developer, and book-worm. I research and write algorithms that aim to improve diagnostics in healthcare without increasing the cost of service or disrupting the workflow of the clinician. I am active in the Ethereum and Quant blockchain development communities and optimistic on the positive future effect of decentralization. I am an advocate for moving towards decentralized replacements for centralized institutions, and shifting bureaucracies to ad-hocracies.

COMING SPRING 2020: The HeyJonBray Portal

Why all the changes?

Because the world is a wild and crazy place that changes all the time. Handling the mix of freelance jobs and physical/digital products needed a better solution, so I decided to build one. In it’s place will be a better shopping experience for physical goods, plus purchase and subscription options for digital goods and services.

The big addition is a full user portal providing access to web services for new and existing clients, updated customer interaction features, and MetaMask integration! This is part of a larger, gradual upgrade involving a decentralized back-end and user-friendly blockchain and cryptocurrency tools.

I’m excited to show the new payment portal, which will take standard payment methods as well as various cryptocurrencies. Below are some of the services and products that will be available in the HeyJonBray Portal. In the meantime, please email any requests to jon@heyjonbray.com and I’ll get you what you need.

Have a look at the future updates below:

    Development Shop

    Web Hosting & Design
    Active or passively managed hosting
    Front-end design
    SEO & Social Media campaigns
    Software Solutions:
    Small-business management tools
    Blockchain interfaces
    Website to Mobile App
    Software consulting
    Custom 3D Printing
    Choose from my designs, or submit your own 3D model to be printed on-demand and shipped right to your door.
    Blockchain Solutions
    It’s clear that blockchain isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re looking to take cryptocurrency payments without going through a third-party service, or bring your content into the Web3 environment, the Development Shop will include a number of easy-to-install software and plugins that interact directly with blockchains.
      Smart Contracts
      ERC20 token generation
      Business Governance & Voting
      Digital Terms and Agreements
      “Trust-less” middleman contracts
    Distributed Databases
    Embeddable crypto tip-jar

    Personal-Care Products

    Whether you’re fighting an unruly beard or need to keep your hair in place without leaving it greasy or matted, _hairController is everything your head wants and more. The all natural, locally sourced ingredients and distilled essential oils promote a healthy head of hair.
    The all around exfoliation solution no matter what climate you call home. With enough moisturizer to keep your skin from flaking off in the winter, and enough scrub to keep you fresh the rest of the time.


    Original Paintings
    Limited Edition Lithograph Prints

In keeping with my life goal of being a true Renaissance Man, these upgrades will combine both my freelance by-the-hour services with one-time purchases of digital and physical goods in one place with a streamlined user interface.

I quite enjoy what I do. I hope you do too!

Jon Bray

Check Back for Updates

If you would like to purchase any services or request samples/previews of work that has not yet been published on the site please email me a request and I will send you the most updated list. Currently, I am not taking on any more development work until the job request engine is up and running.

Full-Feature Opening: June 16, 2020

Early-Access Promo: 0xJONBRAY

Blockchain SDK & Testnet: Early 2021


Thanks for stopping by! For more information on my ongoing projects, drop me a line.

For custom and freelance programming requests, please email me at the address below. If you’re a developer and would like to contribute to application and blockchain development head over to my GitHub to get started.