Cryptocurrency Information

Bitcoin is the preferred payment method for all products and services through HeyJonBray. Other cryptocurrencies are accepted (as well as traditional payment methods, with their associated fees). Currently accepted coins are listed below. If you would like to use a different cryptocurrency, please contact me and that can be arranged.

Also… Feel free to donate! In order for me to expand my crypto portfolio, and continue doing what I do, donations to any of the following cryptocurrency addresses are appreciated.

Only send the corresponding coin to each address. All ERC20 tokens are accepted by default, make sure that you are sending the correct equivalent $USD value to the Ethereum (ETH) address below.

Thanks for stopping by! For more information on my ongoing projects, drop me a line.

For custom and freelance programming requests, please email me at the address below. If you’re a developer and would like to contribute to application and blockchain development head over to my GitHub to get started.