Community Guidelines


Welcome to HeyJonBray, the central hub for the writings and projects created  by—you guessed it—me, Jon Bray.

The chat functionality is here to discuss open-source code repositories and projects as well as blog posts, essays, and articles. The comment section can be a great place to talk to developers, community members and hopefully, for stimulating conversation. To make sure we’re all having a good time, there’s a few guidelines to follow:

  • Be polite: Don’t be rude or disrespect others. If you’re about to post something that would get your melon slapped in real life, don’t post it. There’s a person behind the screen on the other side, and just like you, they have feelings too.
  • Don’t troll: While criticism is appreciated and disagreeing opinions are welcomed here, if your comment adds no value to the discussion or is insulting for the sake of being insulting it will be removed.
  • Spam: While the canned product is a fantastic bait for mousetraps and substitute for Play Dough, the language version of it has no place here. It’s wonderful that you’re able to make $1,000 a day doing nothing just by clicking a link, I couldn’t care less. Spam comments will be deleted and the IP address of the poster will be permanently banned.

Now, a quick P.S.A. on overbearing political correctness:

“In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive.”

– Jordan B. Peterson

The internet has connected humanity in amazing ways, but all too often typed words are taken out of context and intent is assigned to comments.

  • Everyone has a right to speak their opinion.
  • Everyone has a right to disagree or take offense.

That doesn’t mean that one person’s capacity for offense should dictate how the community as a whole contributes discussion. As long as something doesn’t violate the guidelines, it’s on you—and only you—to decide whether or not you’re going to continue to engage.

Having said that, don’t assume the worst from people, open your mind to new ideas, and let’s learn to live with each other’s differences, because they’re always going to be there.

Basically, don’t be a dick. We’re here for discussion, to learn, teach, and create together. If you don’t follow the guidelines, moderators will remove the comment, replacing it with the reason for removal. Except for spam, if you bring that garbage in here you’re still getting the boot!

If you think a comment violates the guidelines, make use of the ‘flag’ or ‘mark as spam’ buttons so they can be reviewed.

If you think a comment is tasteless, offensive, or rude, please see the insert above. While you can always ignore a comment, try having a civilized discussion with someone you don’t agree with. Maybe you’ll both come out of it with a slightly different perspective!

Happy chatting, and thank you for being a part of the HeyJonBray family!